Spoiler Factory - Perth, Western Australia - Spoilers for trucks, road and race cars.

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About Spoiler Factory

Spoilers are becoming increasingly popular as a way of improving aerodynamic efficiency and giving your vehicle a unique individual look and Spoiler Factory is here to help you achieve that goal.

Spoiler Factory was established in 1991 by Ferenc and Sharene Kocsis. Ferenc has had many years experience in the fibreglass industry including manufacturing water tanks, troughs, and windmill columns for primary producers, then fibreglass body parts for four wheel drives. Through Spoiler Factory, he concentrated on making spoilers for Holden and Ford plus specialist glass and carbon fibre body panels for race cars.

Spoiler Factory has become a respected small manufacturing business that prides itself on providing top quality Western Australian made spoilers at a very competitive prices. We have three employees who are involved in all aspects of the manufacturing process which includes wax preparation, gel coating, laminating, releasing, grinding, sanding, and finishing and produce products that are strong, smooth, and ready for painting.


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